medal of honour probs

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by yorobbo, Mar 2, 2002.

  1. yorobbo

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    does anyone know where i can get an updated driver for a rage 128 pro ultra gl agp card, because when i go to run the game it comes up with the message.....could not load gl sub system..., thanx
  2. BonyTony

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    Your driver does not support open GL...

    From what i could find was that the driver suppied by XP does not support open i can reccomend (i could not find your exact driver) is to create a system back up and try some of the rage 128 drivers on the website.
    If it does not work just do a driver rollback or a system restore i will continue to look for your driver and get back if i find it.
  3. eGoalter

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    you can also try wicked gl or something like it , if new drivers dont work, also alot of games have 3rd party gl extension you can install,as well. there on the cd of some games.