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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by xinside, Jul 19, 2003.

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    In multiplayer. Is there anyway I can get my left and right side mouse buttons to work for I can set the lean binds to them? I got a microsoft intellimouse. I try to set the left and right side buttons to lean and it wont let me. Some players said you cant use a 5 button mouse and others say that you can cause they are using it. heh so. how do I get this to work? anyway?
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    simplest thing to do is click on edit button for left lean... click mouse button you want to use... do same for right lean and you are on your way...
  3. Kuja

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    Use the software that comes with it to binds keys to it... I got the same one, so I did that..

    Control Panel, Open Up Mouse Properties, Click Enable program-specific button settings, and click on settings. Click on Add, point to your game exe, and start binding buttons...
    (This is assuming you installed the mouse software)

    Hope this helps...
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    I hate you for leaning! lol... BTW my five button Logitech MX500 works fine...all five buttons, but in the control panel of MOH, it says "Unknown Key", but it still works.
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    I dont use the software that came with it. I just plugged the mouse in and all buttons started to work. cause of windows xp. The left and right mouse buttons works fine on all other games. cept for medal of honor. Should I install the software? even though the buttons do work.. just not on this game.. ??