Mechanic, Lawyer and Bill Gates

Discussion in 'Funny Farm' started by Jozhik, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. Jozhik

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    A mechanic:smoker:, a lawyer:bandit: and Bill Gates:squareeye are driving around California in a rental. Suddenly the car stalls and stops completely.

    "I'll have a look at it, maybe I can fix it", the mechanic:smoker: says.
    "No, no, no way," says the lawyer:bandit:, "we'll wait for the police and file a law suit against the car rental company!"

    Bill Gates:squareeye looks at the other two, a bit confused, and says "Let's close all windows and try again."
  2. mlakrid

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    Oh Gawd
  3. VenomXt

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    :dead: :dead: :dead: :lick:
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    ok that was terrible :)
  5. chris

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    *shakes head*

  6. Lee

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    Don't give up your day job. Could have ended with the lawyer saying, 'lets wait for it to crash yet again, then sue Microsoft', that would impress Bill Gates KBE.
  7. Jozhik

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    good one :laugh: actually all I did was translate a duch joke- had 2 famous persons in it, but their names might not mean anything to other people :crosseyed: probably would've been better if the mechanic and the lawyer were also famous people

    And, uhm, I had no intention of giving up my day job - if I could make money making jokes, I probably wouldn't even know about this forum :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  8. Kush

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    that actually works just to let u know, lol except i made sure all my windows were already closed, i was going trhough the rain ysterday fast and then i slowed down because i didnt want to splash the workers that were getting it drained, and my car stopped and i could tell there was water in the engine took about 3 mins to get the car back on, but it did with a couple of back fires and water being sprayed on my car by other cars, i try not to be an ass about splashing people or people with their windows open (thats a lesson here never drive with ur windows open when theres a lot of rain ull get water in ur car lol from other cars) turns out that an idiot that cut me off had his window open and i splashed him car and his window was open, haha now im actually happy that happened even though i didnt know it didn until my friends told me