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    I have this problem with xp, well its not A PROBLEM but i would like to figure it out, when you disable the welcome screen, and as i did, and enables the classic logon screen from 2000 and NT ctrl+alt+del. it works ok, how do i get rid og the XP loook on the log on screen and how do i get rid of the blue background color behind the logon screen, does anyone know what i mean???, I ha an installation before were i got rid of theese things, i would be most grateful for any tips.

    ,cheers! :>
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    Without a screenshot it is a bit difficult, however, let me take a stab...

    The XP look on the login screen comes from (I believe) the performance options (right-click My Computer -> properties -> Performance -> Settings -> Visual Effects) If you uncheck "Use visual styles on windows and buttons" you should be able to have the "XP look" go away from the log-in screen. Unfortunately, this also holds true for the XP start bar and title bars, etc. Try it, see if it gives you what you want. Looks like Win2k.

    The background color at the login prompt can only be changed by a registry edit. Use an RGB color value and edit the key

    HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Colors\Background

    to equal some RGB value.

    "Background"="0 0 0", for instance, will give you a pure black background. "Background"="255 255 255" will give you white.

    If you want to change the default background at the login prompt to be a bitmap image, edit (or add) the registry key:

    HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop\Wallpaper

    to reflect the bmp file you want to use, e.g.:


    As ever, when editing the registry, always know what you are doing before you do it. You broke it, you bought it. :D
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    Hey man! ;p

    While I`am at it, the XP "please wait" sign that pops up when i like "use visual style on windows and buttons", just an eks. you know were to turn that off, togheter with this, what shal i call it??,
    "all the colors are turning grey" thing, when that "please wait" sign are showing.

    I have tweaked xp, except for the thing i mention over, and the Logon Dialog box,and background color, i will try explain.
    The logon dialog box still has some XP style to it, round corners, etc (no i am not crazy :p). If you do a shutdown and so on, THEN you se the w2k dialog box that i want to be as logon box.Its the one that is showing with the blue background I used to have it like the shut down box, but i cant remember were.

    ,cheers! :>
  4. thewraith

    thewraith Guest I'm more confused than I was to start out with. :eek:
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    Sorry to confuse :/ I will try again


    I noticed, when i shut down my computer and the shutdown tracker are doing its thing, the Dialog box actually changes from win2k style to xp style right before the power goes off.
    And when i reboot the machine, and the logon dialogbox shows up, "welcome to windows" push ctrl-alt-del to logon and the background is blue. at that moment its in xp style, then it changes back to w2k style when I`am in windows

    what I want: How do i get the dialog box too be w2k style all the way.

    2. problem

    I tried to turn on "use visual styles on windows and buttons" just to see what happed, then it paused for some time, while displaying a XP style picture with "please wait" and all of the colors got almost greyed out. "The ms guyes thought that greying out the colors while you wait would be a fun thing"

    1. eks, when you change background picture in xp, it will display for a short time, depending on how big the operation is.

    2. When I`am about to shutdown the computer from xp and I`am at the menu "Restart, Hiberate,Shut down" if i don`t do any thing the colors in xp will grey out.

    what i want: How do i turn that "sequence" the picture "please wait" off ?

    hopefully this is a better description! :>
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    Just wondering... why are you so worried about the grey out effect?

    its not like it will hurt ur system or anything. Unless ur running a 166 or something... (god that'd be screwed)

    All these tweaks to make it look like Win2K.... why not just get Win2K??? =P

    The Please Wait screen is there to allow WinXP to do its thing while telling u to wait.... Again... why do u want this stuff removed???
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    I'm having a little trouble finding Performance. I right click on My Computer > Properties, but I don't see the Performance button. :confused:
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    Just beeing able to tweak it, thats all. Nothing wrong with tha system:

    xp1600@2014mhz (vapochilled)
    gainward gf4 4600 etc.

    I just know its tweakable. but can`t remember were i did it. :>