MaxCachedIcon Tweak Not working

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dark_light, Oct 26, 2002.

  1. dark_light

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    i have tried the MaxCachedIcon Tweak but it doesn't work i.e i don't feel anychanges in the performance.
    i have tried both the ,Dword and String, ways but don't find any change.

    First of all what would MaxCachedIcon Tweak do.Would it open my folders quickly than before when i double click them?If this is the objective then im certainly not getting the results.

    i have celeron 1.4G with 320 MB Ram.

    Plz do help me out in this matter.
  2. 2z

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    MaxCachedIcon tweak is to increase the size of the start menu database

    the idea of the tweak is help the start menu load quicker

    also it helps to prevent shortcut icons in the start menu from being displayed incorrectly

    Before I saw this tweak on these boards I used to use xq-xsetup
    to perform this tweak

    these are the changes it made

    string value * Max Cached Icons *
    value data * 8192 *

  3. yoyo

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    Every icon, not only the startmenu icons, accessed by Windows is cached in the file 'IconCache.db' (located in C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Local Settings\Application Data). Windows reads the icons from the cache instead of searching for the actual files, which speeds up access time significantly. XP's default number of icons cached in this file is set too low for most systems. If your desktop icons are redrawn often or some icons are not displayed correctly this usually indicates that the icon cache is full. It's the main goal of this tweak to prevent this. It will however take some time until the tweak takes effect, since Windows has to build the new cache first. It should help to open folders quicker a little bit, however not much. To switch off some details columns for instance, will have more effect.
  4. allan

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    Some people will notice a difference with this tweak, others will not. Either way, it won't be major.