Max Users is 10, How can I make this higher?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by budking, Nov 19, 2002.

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    The maximum number of users being able to connect to my computer is set at 10 which is default by XP. How can I make this number higher without having to install Windows XP Advanced Server? Is there a reg file that I can change? Thanks!
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    i imagine there is somewhere in the registry you can change... try looking at the M$ support webpages... they might shine some light on it, also, look for max network connections in google or something
  3. Are you using XP Home or XP Pro, I believe this is a "feature" of home to limit the connections, making you give MS more of your money for Pro version if you need more than that. If you are using Pro, do like budking suggests and check the KB on MS site. Good Luck!
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    if we told you how it would in reality be a hack and against the forum guildlines.

    xp home is only ment for home use. xp pro can be used with 10+ users i think but not all on the same computer.

    i couldn't find anything on the micro$oft site:mad:
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    XP Home is limited to 5 concurrent sessions and Pro is limited to 10 concurrent connections. If you need more then you will need to get NT 4 Server, W2k Server, or .Net Server. Or you can setup a linux box.
  6. what he said........

    i see this all the time, why does everyone want to go to advanced server and skips plain server? do they not know the price difference( say $800 for server and $3000 for advanced) and requirements? the biggest reasons someone would go to advanced server is if you want to run more than 4 processors, more than 4 gigs of memory or wanted to setup a cluster...... pretty much otherwise server is all you need.
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    It has always been this way..!! As far as I know there is no way of changing this. I have worked for some very large companies in the UK with quite a bit of clout with Microsoft and they have always said that there is no way of changing this unless you install as a replacement a Server based OS.

    Windows NT v3.51 - Max 10 on Workstation Version
    Windows NT v4.0 - Max 10 on Workstation Version
    Windows 2000 - Max 10 on Workstation Version
    Windows XP Pro - Max 10 on Workstation Version
    Windows XP Home - Max 5 on Workstation Version

    Hope that this answers you question..!!!