Max Payne - GeForce 2 problems

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by albybum, Apr 23, 2002.

  1. albybum

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    Elizabethton, TN
    I have a duel monitor system with a Voodoo 3, 2000 AGP card and an Nvidia GeForce 2 mx 400 64mb PCI card. the GeForce card has the most current official Nvidia drivers and I use it as my primary video card. When I try to play Max Payne on the Voodoo card it plays as well as that card can, but I want to play it on the GeForce card. When I choose the GeForce 2 card it gives me an error saying "Error: setFullscreen - creating the device failed: E_OUTOFMEMORY." I can watch the intro cinematics, but when the game tries to initialize, it gives me this error dialog box.

    My system
    450 MHZ P3
    256 MB SDRAM
    Win XP Pro
  2. westy1

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    I had the same problem with Ghost Recon. Use different drivers,
    for your GeForce 2.
  3. Narciccus

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    PCI?? or AGP geforce??

    my nephew has PCI graphics card, and can just about get max payne to run will all graphics options set to low
  4. Resonance

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    I get that with my agp card when I try to start it up on the Max, no pun intended. Try toning down some of the options or lower the in game screen rez.

    Once I swallowed my pride and lowered the setting, that error went away. Also, make sure you have their latest pact. I think it 1.9? Been awhile sinced I played. I needed it for XP.
  5. xsk8zerox

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    I had a problem like that with max payne. I was running it in a compatibility mode and when i took that off it worked fine.