math problem, need answer soon plz.

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  1. hey i've got this math problem here, cant think of how to make this work

    question " augustus demorgan, the famous 19th century logician, once stated that he was x years old in the year x2(x squared). he died at age 65. in what year did he die?"

    i think the answer is 1871. but i'm not sure on how to get it. does any one know how to make equation for this problem? i'd really apreciate the answer in about next 2 hours, while i'm writing my english essay :)
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    Get off the internet & get back to studying. The answer is there. :D
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    Well heres a hint ;)

    1971 was not in the 19th century ;)
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    u tryin to screw him over ep?
  5. damn, ep u correct, i'm just thinking about another century thanks for pointing that out
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    desimatrix... it would be 18xx
  7. well i did find when he died, wasnt that hard, i just want to know how to get it using some formula. or maybe some one knows equation for this?
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  9. pc_tek, i have found that on my own, that doesnt give the explanation on how do solve the problem
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    I know! :D

    I just wanted to see you get your hopes up when you saw a URL up there:D
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    ok ok, how much more time do you have????????? I found it =)
  12. well i should be going to sleep in like aprox 30-50 min. but i can use that solution now if u know it
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    well truthfully I am not one to give out completely free answers, especially for school. Im sure one day you will ubderstand. School is to be a challenge.

    But I will give a major hint. I did this and found it in about 10-15 mins. goto google search engine and search for "Augustus DeMorgan". It will take several pages to read through, but you will learn as you go, but the answer is ot there. Hope this helps.
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    Oh and just for the record... i won't leave you hanging but I want you to try to find it.
  15. yea i understant the not giving away part already, but could u like give a general equation for this problem ? i'm sure i'll work it out from there. just really have to type this essay thing
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    ummmmmm well....... ok........LOL

    I understand! School can be hard. But keep in mind, asking a forum is no help most of the time, becasue you spend so much time doing checking your post! LOL

    demorgan died in 1871 when he was 65 yrs old.

    When he was 43 (x=43), it was the year 1849.

    Now, to ensure that this is correct:

    43 x 43=1849


    1871(year died)-1849(year he was 43)=22

    It all works out!
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    forgive me if i'm wrong, but i believe that if you look for a year in the 19th century that's a perfect square, you might get something. i haven't actually done the math, but i think that might be a possibility
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  19. hmm havent though of that, i was trying x=65 so for x^2 i was getting a number too high. thanks a lot. next time i'll be just doing hws right after college.
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    Hasn’t someone just gone to prison in the UK for giving away answers to questions in exams?