Mapping Drive via IP. Authentication issue!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by adz2006, May 18, 2006.

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    I am runing out of ideas with this one! :cry:

    My aim is to set up on my friends pc a mapped drive connected to a share on my home pc. They are not on the same WorkGroup nor are they on the same network. I have managed to set everything up but when it comes to authenticating the username and password this is when the problms start! I have set up a username and password on my home pc that my friend would need to specify when asked for the login details. I have changed the login policy so that hi username can connect via the network and also logon as local, but it still isn't having it.

    I have used "net use....." and it just keeps comming back with error 53 which from what I can would out could also mean there is an issue with the username and password not only that the "specified network path cannot be found".

    Would it make a difference if i put a duplicate user of my friend login for my pc as a user on his pc??
    eg. if the username for my pc='Username1' & Password='Password1', do i need to create a user 'Username1' with pass 'Password1' on his pc??
    So when i next try the login the full username of '<myIp>\Username' matches the username on my pc setup for him?

    Thanks.... this microsoft stuff is sooo messed up! :lick:
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    I assume both computers are on different routers? If that is the case then both networks are private (on private IP networks, and therefore are unable to see one another.
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    He can ping to me & I can ping to him. There are no routers involved. I know he is getting access to my machine, its just the authentication part.

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    Is File and Printer Sharing Enabled on your PC?

    In XP, it can show the "hand" without it actually being enabled.