mapping a ramdrive in another disk folder ? (XP)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by zeflash, May 23, 2002.

  1. zeflash

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    I'm assuming I need to have both my hard drive & the ram drive using NTFS. That I can do, the pb is that from what I know, I need to see the ramdrive as a disk device in the disk manager in order to set it as a subfolder of my hard drive.

    I've tested a few ramdrives I found on the net but none of those appear in the disk manager.

    Is there a way to do it I would not be aware of ?
  2. djmorgan

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    I'm not sure what your getting at here... :rolleyes: a ram drive is a 'virtual drive' and when set up will appear on your sustem as another drive, like a HD/floppy etc.

    You then format the ram drive to suit your needs, this can be the same sectors as a floppy or system such as Fat or NTFS, the choice is yours and is independant of another drive.

    Speedisk is one such drive that I know works, I know the MS Ram drive works but is limited and ramxp (I think that is the name) located in the downloads section of xp-erience also works.

    So yes it will appear as a disk device. NO it does not have to be NTFS
  3. zeflash

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    Yes, the ramdrive will appear under my computer like another drive.
    What I want is to mount it as a subfolder of another partition, say for example c:\temp.

    It's just like UNIX, you can have one unique partition that's composed of different drives. You mount the drives in specific folders, and you end up with one partition, it's transparent to the programs.

    I'd like to do exactly the same with a ramdrive, but to mount a partition like this it has to show in the disk management. I haven't found a ram drive that does that.
  4. djmorgan

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    NO sorry you have lost me and this is not Unix :rolleyes: a 'partition' is "a part of a drive" therefore to have a 'drive' as part of a 'partition' would be strange indeed, still I guess that's why not many people run Unix! :p

    You could always change the icon for the ram drive and give it a unique name, but maybe somebody else can help.