Mandrake 9 Kernel problem...

Discussion in 'Linux & BSD' started by Ewen, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. Ewen

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    I was going through all the items in the 'Control Center' (I am using KDE) and I was looking at all the entries and utilities and I came across this interesting item under 'System'. Do I need to panic and is the problem repairable? Bearing in mind that I am a rank newbie to Linux... how do I do this?

    The kernel configuration could not be read due to the following error:

    Cannot open /usr/src/linux/arch// for reading. Either your kernel sources contain invalid configuration rules or you just found a bug in the KDE Kernel Configurator.
  2. shoulin

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    "you just found a bug in the KDE Kernel Configurator."

    sounds like u should be givin a prize :(....... sorry never had that problem... but i am still on 8.2