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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by {in}significant, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. It it possible to make your own hotkeys in WinXP?

    Like Alt+N make a new folder.

    And where can I find a list for the hotkeys thats already there?
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    hi. in case u don't know these hotkeys (i guess they can be called this way), try these out for size:

    win key + r = run
    win key + e = windows explorer
    win + f = find/search

    If u want to assign some hot keys for u favorite programs, just go to their short cuts, right click on them, and then assign the hot key u want.
  3. Yes...

    I knew all of that :rolleyes:

    But i want to make shortkeys to other windows comands.
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    Take a look here it allows for an additional 10 shortcut keys

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    copy paste these to your adress bar :):


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    go here

    hkcontrol great program for XP was listed on this site a while back you can make your own hot key sets has a few preset ie: shift+esc opens cdrom press again it closes, ctrl(+) raises volume ctrl(-) lowers volume ctrl(backspace) mutes just a few examples ...............

    hotkeys lets you to open any file and run any program.

    See the Hotkey basics help page for information on setting hotkeys and the Num,caps,scroll lock combination help page for information on setting the dropdown menus.

    To run a program browse for the program you wish to run for each hotkey.If you wish to run the program with command-line parameters,type the paramters in the next box.

    To open a file using the default program,browse for the file.

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    The hotkey software looks very cool, however, a program called girder is one of the slickest pieces of software I've ever used, and it's free.

    You can set almost any command (keyboard, timer, IR command, event) cause almost any event (open. close, play, send IR command, almost anything). Not limited to hotkeys, but can certainly do that.

    Tough to learn, impossible to beat.