Make internet connection start on boot?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bbck, Jun 9, 2002.

  1. bbck

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    Is there any way I can get my ADSL connect when XP boots. Like a system service? Now I have to login and go to Start -> Connect To -> Verizon DSL.

    A friend told me to look into connecting on demand. Where the connection will activate if a program looks for it (I know IE can do it but what about if ANY program want an internet connection.)

  2. tbird

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    go to 'control panel' -> 'scheduled tasks'

    then make it!
  3. bbck

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    Yea I fugured that but where is the location of the connection?
  4. tbird

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  5. tbird

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    rasdial entryname [username [password|*]] [/DOMAIN:domain]
    [/PHONE:phonenumber] [/CALLBACK:callbacknumber]
    [/PHONEBOOK:phonebookfile] [/PREFIXSUFFIX]

    rasdial [entryname] /DISCONNECT