MAFIA: Have you played it yet?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Cannibal Corpse, Nov 24, 2002.

  1. One Word:

    OMFG! :eek:

    From the stunning movie style openning intro, to the butter-like fluid character animation and game flow, this is one heck of an example for game developers to follow suite. This title is a treasure that I will cherish for a long time, and quite surprisingly, gets no "well deserved" credit, nor any publicity. (and to think of it, being developed by lesser known programmers)

    On the other hands, over-blown, cliched and milked out titles such as GTA series praised from all the media. That's not for me, thanks.

    Back to playing...(Oh, bring it on, my asbestos suit is fully worn and ready for battle)

    For those who are who are interested, here are some links:

    Do yourself a favor and buy a copy of this game, you won't be disappointed.

  2. SkazzyUK

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    Could not agree with you more,

    me and my mate both agree it kicks the socks of off GTA3 and GTA:VC,

    the gameplay is much more realistic and I mean you get speeding tickets how cool is dat?

  3. Octopus

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    the game is much better than GTA.I played with the demo version and I liked everything about it especially its music.
  4. mbunny

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    I like to think of Mafia as GTA with Maturity and Not a complete stupidity match =)
  5. phishhead

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    reminds me of that old game king pin but on steriods.
  6. Burpster

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    i think i played GTA3 for about a total of two hours before deleting...have got around to putting Mafia on plastic yet....but hear its outstanding
  7. avsdotcom

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    Mafia is a quality game from beginning to end (apart from the racetrack level, shudder). Gorgeous graphics and stunning gameplay make it 1 of the best 3rd person games I've played.
    However, in my opinion I don't agree that its a better game than GTA3. From a technical viewpoint, yes, as well know what a shoddily programmed/ converted bugfest GTA3 is. I even think that the missions in Mafia are more imaginative and satsifying. It is pretty linear when all sais and done though .But overall I think that GTA3 just has the edge because of the immense replay value it has and the diversity of things you can do within the game. I mean, I'm still playing it now, don't even bother doing missions, I just razz round heaping misery on the poor unfortunates who happen to get in my way. Whereas Mafia was copleted a while ago and I haven't touched it since. Just my two cents.
  8. sn00pee

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    Mafia is a good game and is better than Gta3 in some ways but not all... but over all I think i like mafia better...havent played VC yet tho so =/ ( and mafia is supposedly going to have multiplayer...if it does then it will be way better that gta3)
  9. Bail

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    alredy finished that game.. :)
  10. 2z

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    Completed MAFIA in quite a short amount of time & never played it again although it is a quality game its not one you go back to in a hurry.

    GTA3 on the other hand I'm still playing - no were near finished, I get more fun out of messing with the cars handling config & changing the cars stats so they have the impact of a train

  11. Octopus

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    I will get the game tomorrow :)
  12. Octopus

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    the game is too short 20 missions are not enough :( I finished it in 5 days I got it in 2dec and finished it this morning!
    GTA III took me a month to finish it.
  13. Cosmin

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    a poll would be a ]better ideea ...