Mafia graphics setttings?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by GhaLeoN, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. GhaLeoN

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    Can any tell me, or give me a link to somewhere that explains the "mafia setup" screen options?

    I want this game to be running as smoothly as possible, how does everyone run this game here? IE: what res, what level of detail, etc.
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  3. GhaLeoN

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    but won't enabling VSYNC cuase a reduction in fps in most cases?

    And what does triple buffering do?
  4. UniSol

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    V-sync will restrict your FPS to you refresh rate, well it did when I had it on.
  5. Kuja

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    UniSol is right about V-sync...

    For speed, FSA off, bit depth 16, truecolor off, compressed on, disable EAX,.... leave everything at default, cept maybe for resolution.... then, in game press esc, then options, click on low.....
  6. xinside

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    Heres my settings.. It runs fine on my comp..

    1024 x 768, bit depth 16, lightmap = true color, all of the texture quality size unchecked, and no W buffer..

    It runs good on my computer.. cept for some car chases.. and in game I put the image quality and the draw distances in the middle.. and I have shadows on very low.. Hope that helps a lil..
  7. xinside

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    Also.. make your desktop res the lowest it can go and put it to 16 bit color and ctrl+alt+del any programs like virus checkers and what not..
  8. GhaLeoN

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    ya, gonna see how smooth it runs in a lower res

    does anyone know exactly what "truecolor" does under the lightmap and normal graphics settings?

    If I dont have "truecolor" enabled under the lightmap section, does it mean that im not using ligthmaps?

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    Sewing with nancie? you gotta be kidding me.. my band just got done touring with them on the warped tour ;D .. my band is Pulling Out... we were on tour with them and a few other bands touring warped... hung out with them with bigwig heh... awesome people... and oh yea... true color makes it for everything wont be discolored... turn it off and go in game and you can see how discolored it is in 16 bit...
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    lol wtf

    james, one of the guitarists, is going to be my best man in my wedding

    ya I have mafia tweaked pretty good now, going to run it to see if theres a difference
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    Yea.. when we hung out they were all pretty cool people... I listen to their cd like.. everyday STARBUCKS SUCKS! is probably my fav song.. oh well.. anyways.. I just got done beating mafia.. now im doing the free ride extreme missions.. does anyone know where I get guns??
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    is there any codes for mafia? something like godmode which help make the game more easier.
  13. xinside

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