madmatt tutorial for active desktop?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jawshoouh, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. jawshoouh

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    maybe i missed the newsflash, but i checked out the "madmatt_dtop: official help thread" but it's closed and the link in madmatt's first post for the tutorial,, is dead. checked out madmatt's website(s) and couldn't find any info on a tutorial on em, either.

    @ madmatt: where'd it go? :(

    @ everyone: anyone have a copy of it?

    i know something of "official tutorials" and/or templates are supposed to be released soon, but i wanna tool around with the html/VB stuff while i'm stuck on a plane later today and get some A.D. stuff goin here. i need a change from the usual icons-and-wallpaper stuff :)
  2. sboulema

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    yeah mad_matt please hurry with youre tutorial :(
  3. Bootsy

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    yea I'm eagerly awaiting it as well
  4. MdSalih

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    you guys aren;t one only ones...

    /me chants *madmatt tuts... madmatt tits... i mean... tuts* :D

    heh.. i've been on his case for a while now.. sure hes been doing then at his fastest speed... will have to wait like the rest of us :(

  5. PseudoKiller

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    I talked with MadMatt last night and he is still getting it all to gether. A couple of ppl are going to BETA test it first and then when he feels it's good enough he will release the tutorial to everyone... :D
  6. Grandmaster

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    guess who is going to be a beta tester? :p
  7. madmatt

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    when did I get so popular around here?

    the old tutorial was removed from my server and the original thread was closed in preperation of the new one (spelling is bad, long day at work).

    anyway, the tutorial is nearing completetion. I am trying to be as complete as possible and hit major point.

    I have a few beta testers and they will help me determine whether or not I have made myself clear enough. I promise you, the wait is worth it. I may even throw in a few added bonuses just to persuade users to give it a try (once again, long day at work, spelling is off).

    Thanks for the interest, makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside.
  8. fubar121

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    Dang Im dying to get this darn thing for madmatt.
    I have strange feeling its going to rock:)
  9. Piett

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    man, i've waited for the new tutorial since the day i began posting on xp-erience. so i would guess that Md would have been waiting just as long, or longer. hmm makes me feel old...
  10. G-Lizard86

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    /me is waiting too.....i really wanna learn learn learn and learn more.....if got so much gigabites left in my head lol:p

    btw have the sweetest sig ever....*tutorial*
  11. madmatt

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    hehe, it's being tested as we speak. I should have it out by week's end.
  12. G-Lizard86

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    *jumps up and down* *yells* *runs around the house*

    /me happy....can't wait till the end of the week:p