Macromedial Player 6?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tomsxp1, Aug 22, 2002.

  1. tomsxp1

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    Hello, Can anyone tell me what this download is for? It keeps popping up at different times and I don't want to download it until i find out if i should or not? Thank You Tom
  2. Electronic Punk

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    Macromedia Flash is ok, don't worry about getting it, basically produces some very cool animations on the web similar to the one used for the WindowsXP tour when you first login..
  3. Phoenix1956

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    Yo Electronic Punk

    Wasnt there a security hole found in the player ?

    Not sure but I did catch the tidbit on a site somewhere but cant remember where it was at now, In all honesty, I did hear something regarding Macromedia's Player.

    Damn I just wished I had a PHOTOGRAPIC MEMORY, Then I wouldnt have to deal with my HUMAN SIDE being DEFRAGMENTED (hehe). (sorry but its true none the less :D )
  4. clifgriffin

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    Macromedia Flash Player 6 has had no major security flaws that have been reported. You use flash every day most likely, and just don't know it.

    Go ahead and download it next time it comes'll allow you to access all of the newer flash sites.
  5. NetRyder

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    Yeah, it should be fine to download it IMO.
  6. DrMetallica

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    I really wish I had a photograpic memory...and not for remembering security updates...

    i understand why you posted this...anything that says "a quick, free download" gets me reminds me of gator.

    Macromedia is a web-site making program, or for making the intro's of websites. I was all into flash a year ago...i wanted to do the intro for sites...

    some good flash sites are (a german site...i love intro there) ( a really high quality site....charges around $10.000 to make your intro)
  7. boy thats an off statement

    Macromedia is a software company.......their focus is the web.

    programs include; Dreamweaver (web page authoring program), fireworks (focuses on creating web images, jpg & gif), flash (primarily a vector based graphics animation tool but with script has become so much more), freehand (graphics tool similar to illustrator) coldfusion (server side engine for dynamic content similar to .asp) and are all in newest version in studio mx

    flash is commonly used for intros but entire sites can be done with it and now theres a flash communication server to work with it for flash chat etc.........

    and they make other programs but still mostly web focused; director, homesite, sitespring, fontographer

    anyway the flash player 6 (which if files are created in it will want to load newest player to play it) is fine 98% of web users have a version already installed IE6 came with flash5 player.........there was a very small code hole way back but was fixed quickly i believe, also the shockwave player (for director files) is just as safe and stable
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    i understand why you posted this...anything that says "a quick, free download" gets me reminds me of gator. You got that right DrMatallic, that Gator was a real scum, and so was bonzy buddy, I am Paranoid, because of them, that's exactly what popped into my mind when the download screen came up. As a matter of fact once in awhile, when i visit certain websites, that Gator download comes on, I start playing the keys on this pc like a madman, making sure it does not download! I will check out this possible flaw business first/ too! I made the mistake of upgrading Zone Alarm and my xp would take for ever to Shutdown and it was a resource hog, had to get rid of it, May go to Outpost. Thanks everyone, Tom