MAC OS 10 and MAC OS 9: compatibilty ?

Discussion in 'Macintosh' started by manilou, Dec 10, 2004.

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    To begin on this forum, I have a question ::confused: I have a Power PC G3 , grey, desktop.
    I would like to now if I install Mac OS X on a Mac OS 9.2
    will it cause me troubles ?
    Is it safe and worth it ?
    I am ready to reinstall everything from scratch on my mac.
    Some people told me I should avoid to put the MAC OS X on "such an old " machine.
    Thank you very much for your answer.
    I am ready to start the a make over !

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    Mac OS X will be very slow on a beige G3 tower. Given you've already mentioned that though, do you want to dual boot, or just install OS X as the only operating system?

    Also keep in mind, whilst most OS9 apps can be used under OS X via classic, it's likely you'll need to replace all your applications with newer versions or even alternatives.