Low performance in games >:R

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Santamanne, Jan 6, 2002.

  1. Santamanne

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    I have tb 1GHz@1.4GHz, abit kt7a, 640mt sdram and Gf3 Ti500. And in general I have poor performance in every game. With my old computer (600mhz PIII, 512mt sdram and gf2 mx32mt) I had better performance >:R Well.. allmost =)
    3dmark 2001 gives me only ~3000 marks.. imho it should give like ~7000 marks :p
    Games run badly and the picture.. erhm.. shakes at the bottom of the screen. I have all the latest drivers installed, expect my monitors, Samsung SyncMaste 750s, can't find XP drivers for this.

  2. icerabbit007

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    do you have the latest bios?
  3. Santamanne

    Santamanne Guest

    Yes, I updated the day before yeasteday.

  4. phazed_4u

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    it may have something to do with that monitor straining under the refresh rates if the drivers aren't optimum

    happened to me a while back, couldn't even get 1024x768 in Wolf with one monitor and it's drivers, stuck an old 14" on that i had drivers for and it was all shibby...
  5. mainline

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    sand if you got your computer from gateway or dell or something like that then you'll probably have to go in and take out the stuff they add in to windows installs. Then look at your services and see which ones can go and stay. I hear the way to be pragmatic is to disable the service and set it to manual just in case it's important to something else. You can also get bootvis it's good for more than just speeding up your system, it lets you know what's running at boot up and how much time it's taking to boot. What stage are you at in trying to solve this problem?
  6. Santamanne

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    Finaly I managed to install w2k. Performance increased a bit, but I'm still not satisfied. And about this monitor, it's Samsungs SyncMaster 750s, and I couldn't find XP drivers for it, I hope that there's w2k drivers.
    Aprox. 5500 3dmarks, with 3dmark 2001, and games run a bit smoothly now.

  7. avsdotcom

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    7000 3D Marks isn't bad at all IMHO. I have an Athlon XP 1700+, 256 MB DDR and Geforce3 Ti500 and I'm getting 8300 3D Marks. Much better scores in XP than Win98 - I got a good boost in speed by altering the DRAM setting in Bios to FASTEST and the DRAM clock to 2 cycles (even though I've got CL2.5) - runs really smooth with no probs :)

    Athlon XP 1700+
    Epox 8KHA+
    Geforce 3 Ti500
    256 MB DDR
    Creamy,creamy,creamy !
  8. Sinster

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    I would try the Nvidia refresh rate fix.
    Also if you had your Vsync disable before, and you upgraded to new drivers the Vsync goes back to default.