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  1. DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, PAGE_FAULT_ON_NON_PAGED_AREA, NV4_DISP.DLL, DXG.SYS, USBPORT.SYS, these are just a FEW erros that I got while hanging around in my computer.......

    My machine specs
    Ahtlon XP 1900+
    Gigabyte 7DXR+
    256mb DDR Micron
    VisionTek Geforce 3
    Quantum AS 40gb
    Windows XP

    I don't know what else I could do to use my computer normally................... I have tried every detonator that i could find, have tried
    No one seems to work correctly so definetely it is not a hardware problem..... My Geforce 3 worked nicely on my last system, which SEEMS to be worst than now... I would come back to the oldies just to have a stable machine. Have reformated 3 or 4 times........... My temperature is stable, it is not a overheat problem... And it may not be a PSU problem because those problems happens in different times.......


    Thanks in advance
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    ur the guy from madonion right lol .. well suggest doing a search of threads already posted i saw most of ur problems on some of em..
  3. hehe i've posted this cause i'm a bit out of time to do a search....... i'll do it tomorrow or so

  4. Ok guys good news.......
    Tried disabling the sound card and everything worked (or seemed to) fine... Flew in Flight Simulator for a half hour, and couldn't fly 10 minutes....

    What should I do now?? Get back to the default windows drivers?? What do you guys suggests??

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    That IRQL stuff is a ACPI issue, you're gonna need to disable ACPI in your BIOS and that is going to require a reinstall. There's a nice How-To on doing this on the bot red_dcc in #WindowsXP on Efnet (irc, www.mirc.com for more info).
  6. So maybe my SBLive! Value is not compatible with ACPI??? Could this be a motherboard problem at all? I've run MEMTEST-86 during 10 hours without problems so I guess it is not a RAM problem..
    Also, could it be my PSU?? Or maybe not, because I just disable my card in Device Manager and it works??

  7. Hello

    Have something new... If I disable my sound card, through windows (Device Manager), my system works OK. If I enable it, then it crashes. Now, if I disable my NIC card, and left my sound card enabled, my system works OK........ So something came to my mind. Could the problem be the PSU??? If I disable a device trhough Device Manager of Windows, will it definetly turn off the device, that's mean, will it save some power???

    Btw, I have a 320 watts PSU with a 7DXR+, Athlon 1900+, 52x cd-rom, floppy drive, Geforce 3, NIC Card, SB Live Value, 5 fans and 5 leds, a stick of 256mb ram DDR and a HDD of 40gb 7200rpm quantum...............

    So guys, what do you say??
  8. Oh forget what I said... Got a problem right now...
    Will get a new mobo and see what happens..

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    Well here's my story.
    I've got the unfortunate SB Live! card too and continually got the annoying "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" errors. I was in fact getting 4 crashes a day. I tried moving it to a new slot but that didn't work so I put it back.
    Somebody recommended that I kill BlackIce. I tested it but at the time it still gave me the error. If you are running BlackIce completely uninstall it and wait a few days and see if it stops crashing. Cause that's the only change I made and my computer hasn't crashed for several weeks.

    If however you are not running BlackIce I can offer you no further advice other than upgrading your sound card. (SB is evil!)

  10. yeah ok

    what sound card do you recommend??

  11. Ok guys, I definetely took out the sound card.. The problems HAVE reduced, but I still get problems.. Could this prove a motherboard fault??? I launched 3DMark2001 with the looping function ON, left it for about an hour and got the blue screen.. With my old system this has never happened...

    EDIT: BTW, the error was DXG.SYS

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    I can't help fix your errors so someone else please comment on this, but I can recommend you a new sound card.
    Just looking over how much I've typed I hope I'm helping rather than just being annoying... but trust me, the Live! is just an annoying sound card. Get a new one with a nice new speaker set and you'll be extremely please in no time....

    The next card above 4.1 sound (SB Live!) is a nice new 5.1 sound card. In the moderate price range is the competition between the "Hercules Gametheatre XP" and the "Creative Live Platinum 5.1". I don't think that there are as many problems with the 5.1 as there are with the card you have but if you truly rebuke Creative go for the Gametheatre.
    I'll try to give some prices but the best I can do is Australian dollars...
    Creative Live Platinum 5.1 - $280
    Hercules Gametheatre - $250

    The Gametheatre has a mad breakout box (sits on your computer), in fact just look for yourself:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If you want a larger copy go to: http://au.hercules.com/mediaroom/gallery/index_audio.php and search for the images and click on them.

    Instead of a box the Live Platinum uses one of your 5 1/4 drive bays
    which I find really annoying.

    But at least it has a remote control:

    A good review can be found here: http://www.digit-life.com/articles/sbliveplatinum51/

    I can't compare the two since I don't own either... but when I upgrade I'll probably get the gametheatre.

    If you've willing to spend $600 (Aus) on a sound card (not even including speakers!), I would highly recommend the Creative Audigy Platinum Ex. Sure it's creative but I'm led to believe it runs perfectly with WinXP.
    The box in this model doesn't go in a CD bay but sits on top or on your desk like the gametheatre (but without as many buttons and holes)

    Oh yes it's nice...

    The review is longwinded and starts getting interesting here -
    (The beggining is here: http://www.hardware-one.com/reviews.asp?aid=240&page=1)

    Well there you go then. I love upgrading stuff and when I'm broke the next best thing is to help someone else upgrade.

    I wish you luck.

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  14. I Think is an ACPI Problem...

    Ok as I saw on your tread someone already told you that it was an ACPI problem, well I think this too, you have to disabled in order to fix it. but the person who talked about disabeling say something about reinstaling.. i think is not need it i found in other post (and worked for me) that you could modify your System on yoir device manager to behave as an standard PC and no as ACPI managed System.

    Yo have to open your Device Manager find a called system or something like that (I have a Spanish OS so I don't know the precise word used on English OS) and expand it it should have only one item with word ACPI on it.... the selected right click it and go to properties and to the drivers tab, click on the update driver button, then slect that you will instaled form a list, and then select not to search (second option) then would appear a list of the drivers available to you look in this list for Standard PC, pres OK in every window...and reboot dont let it boot and go in to the BIOS setup and disable the ACPI function... that is the power manegmetn features mos of the time.... after rebooting windows will star recognizing all your hardware again... you may need to have all your drivers in hand (I did not need them Windows Installed everything). now my PC has not Hang since an hour ago I hope wont do it again....

    A problem you may have is when you shutdown your PC it won't automatically shutdown, it will be showing you a "Now is safe to shutdown your PC" message... I 'm trying to see how to fix this problem but in the forums som treads say thata I have to enable ACPI, so my problems will start again.... If someone knows another way around I will apreciate it.
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    acpi, is the standard now, if you disable it you will lose performance. try this, first reinstall direct x 8.1, if that doesnt work. look at your irq shares, you want your video card,sound card,and network/modem card all on the same irq as the microsoft
    acpi-compliant system.if they arent all on the same irq as acpi, acpi cannot control them. each time you reboot the acpi assighns these,unless it is on the same irq it wont touch it, therefore you get irq errors. i have my vid card,soundcard,networkcard,firewire,and a few other things on
    irq 9, which is where the acpi is on my system...also the latest
    official nividia drivers, 23.11 are terrible. try some other ones.
    http://www.3dnews.ru/download/drivers/nvidia/. and if your still having trouble,assuming your using via chipset, go here for some more fixes,ect..http://www.viaarena.com/?PageID=64