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Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by Lisa, Nov 9, 2002.

  1. Lisa

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    Folks, I need help with a DVD.

    My boxed Lord of the Rings Extended edition that I'd preordered turned up yesterday. Hoorah!

    However, there's a problem. When I stick the disk in my DVD drive, and start up power dvd, the movie won't play.
    A little box pops up.

    'This disc is copyrighted and protected by law if played from sources other than your dvd drive.'
    Under this there's a list of options displaying the region encoding of the disc. There's a check in region 2 - which is the region of both the disc and my dvd drive.

    The movie plays on my PS2 (which is incidentally, the only other DVD player I have) just fine.

    But I want to watch it on my PC! Can anyone think of a way to get the movie to play on my DVD drive?
  2. Electronic Punk

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    Well it sounds like PowerDVD is the problem :)
    Please let us know which version and which build you are using and we will try and help.

    (PowerDVD does not use the Windows protection, but as your DVDROM is set to region2 and is therefore RPC-2 I don't think that is an issue)

    For now you could try out cineplayer ( http://trial.cineplayer.com ) or WinDVD ( http://www.intervideo ) - both are 5 min limited trials but it will give us more information as to where the problem lies.
  3. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    Thanks Punk!

    Power DVD build 4.0 apparently. It will only play the blue copyright notice and the logo screen. Then nothing.

    Win DVD 4, however, plays it just fine. Strange. Thanks for your help though.
  4. syn

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    You can try MicroDvd too. That's freeware for now, they are going to start registration shortly, I believe (if they haven't already).