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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Kobura, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. Kobura

    Kobura Guest

    Hi guys,
    few months back I made a website for my bonsai club,worked fine. I backed up all the folders to cd so I thought!!!!!
    Anyway few days back I wanted to update the site, put the cd with the backed up files in the drive and, guess what it's not working. I haven't got another copy cause since I had made the site my computer crashed and I had to start from scratch. Does anybody know how to recover the site from the web??? Please help me as I don't fancy starting all over again.
  2. Zedric

    Zedric NTFS Guru Folding Team

    You used FTP to upload the files right? Do the same thing backwards, download the files using FTP. Easy as pie.

    I hope you can use FTP anyway, could be tricky otherwise.
  3. Kobura

    Kobura Guest

    Thanks Zedric,
    believe it or not, as soon I had finished writing the post I thought to myself " What a twit!!!!" I could download the site with my ftp.
    Anyway it's all done know.
    Thanks very much for your help.
    PS I would like very much if you visited the site and let me know what you thing of it.

  4. RefluxT

    RefluxT Guest

    Kobura -

    cool site, I have a bonsai thats been growing since last year. Its considered a bonsai, but it doesnt look like the trees on your website. I might have to send you a pic. :D
  5. laptop

    laptop Guest

    Kobura, very nice website.

    11 years ago I went to a state fair and the bonsai exhibit,
    in a small separate room they
    had several trees that ranged in age from 50-75
    years old!! They were all very small too, except for
    one. They had a guard standing at that table so nobody
    would damage them.
  6. Zedric

    Zedric NTFS Guru Folding Team

    Nice woody design. You might want to put the thumbnails in columns on the gallery page though. Side scrolling isn't fun.
  7. Kobura

    Kobura Guest

    Hi guys,
    glad you like the site.
    Ok now, lets dismiss some miths.
    Bonsai don't have to be old, of course the older the tree the more it gone to look established, ie big nebare(root buttress),thicker branches and so on.
    Don't have to be expensive, if you seen the pics on the site, the last one, is a £ 2.50 Juniper from a garden centre and it took an hour to style!!!!!!!
    We don't grow from seeds, we haven't too much time left!!!!!
    Of course we have trees in our collectin that are worth thousands of pounds but, most if not all are yamadory ( wild raw material ) that we collect and work on it. We collect biggish specimen and cut down to size and style them.
    RefluxT, be glad to help, also check out my group as well at:
    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dragonbonsaisociety/ , post you photos, queries etc.
    Take care, and thanks again for your compliments.

    PS point taken Zedric but I wanted something a bit different, who knows most prob I'll chance next time I update.