Lost my click sound

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Fuzz, Dec 13, 2001.

  1. Fuzz

    Fuzz Guest

    I know I know..it is a little weird that I am wondering how to fix this problem. I know the majority would like to disable it.

    While i am in internet explorer. I lost my sound when i click on a link or something. It is now all silent. I have done nothing with sounds for the system. I Just booted up one day and nomore sounds. I have checked under sound and audio devices and the sound scheme and sound for that thing is on. SOund is up and everything. But is it is silent..I don't like a silent world..it scares me.

    Thanks for replies and if i need to give more info..just give me a post.

  2. wrangler

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    had a similar problem recently, try re-installing the so9und card driver...that fixed it for me (actually I updated my soundcard driver, and upon reboot, the problem was fixed).
  3. existenz

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    Just get Winamp and some songs :D

    and play it while surfing :)
  4. Fuzz

    Fuzz Guest

    Thanks I will give it try. I will report back if the prob is not fixed.

    Thanks a lot..

    LOL..Play winamp while surfing. YEa that definately is an idea. But i miss my click sound..sniff sniff

  5. Fuzz

    Fuzz Guest

    WEll I now have click sound...whew..i feel normal now. LOL

    thanks alot. I reinstalled sound drivers and still had probs. I then put the sound schemes on None. Then click apply. THen click back to windows default. Now it works.

    NIce. Thanks guys

  6. existenz

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    hehe, glad to help :D