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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by meisme, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. meisme

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    Here are the features I want; sided window, at least 4 fans, minimum 350 watt psu, full atx, the motherboard im getting is the asus a7n8x dlx with an athlon 2700+ xp processor. I'm currently brousing through buyextremegear.com, and I think Ill be getting the black turbo case sx-1040.
    Any comments?
  2. the_music_man

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    how much $$$ do u have to spend...if u have a lot get a good antec or alienware case from ebay
  3. meisme

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    A maximum of $80
  4. Petros

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    I agree! BTW Chieftec goes under many names. These Chieftec cases are sold as "Turbo Cases" on this site. Since it's only $35, order some fans and a decent power supply. I can't stress enough that a cheap power supply will ruin a computer. If it's less than $30, there's a good reason.