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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SysProg, Aug 26, 2010.

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    I am trying to resolve a weird problem on my parents' PC. I gave them an older desktop PC this summer running XP Pro SP3 with the latest updates applied around July 5th. The PC has a Asus MB and one of the 1st-gen dual-core Pentiums (a 32 bit model).

    They discovered a problem, after a few weeks, that they can't get a capital M to appear. The PC worked fine for several weeks. If they press 'm', they get 'm'. If they press Shift-m or 'm' with Caps Lock on, they get 'm' - not 'M'. This is the only letter that does this.

    I thought that it may be a bad keyboard, but they bought a new one and are having the same issue. The new keyboard is USB and the old one connected via a PS2 connector. This uses a different controller, correct?

    Any ideas? I have to shoot this over the phone with them as they live about 600 miles away and don't have Internet access.

    Boy, do I feel dumb. I didn't ask what program they were using. It was iTunes, which attempts to fill in the Artist and Album Title fields as you type. They had mis-keyed on of the previous entries, so iTunes wouldn't use a capital M.
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    LOL.. classic :p