longhorn installation problem!!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by coolman125, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. coolman125

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    hi guys :) i am new here :)

    hope any of you could help me pls :)

    firstly, i got Microsoft.Longhorn-Alpha.Build.3683-BETAS.iso CD, am not saying where i got it from after i've read the rules and respect them :)

    when i boot up from the CD, it ask for XP professional CD then it copying file to the hard drive from XP CD then it stopped and says :

    Setup cannot copy the files: idwlog.exe

    what am i doing wrong? could it be wrong longhorn CD? but strange thing is when i boot up the longhorn CD to install, soon after it ask for XP CD, is it normal? or not?

    any tips would be very useful

    many thanks :)


    P.S i love this forum :)
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    Its Alpha software, you expect everything to work perfectly? I've never tried Longhorn, since its only avalible to top-level internal MS Beta Testers, so I would'nt know much about it. Though since your a top-level internal MS Beta Tester that has access to Longhorn, why don't you just ask MS about your problem, and not us?

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    If JJB's answer supposed to be ironic then he got the point there, but if it is not then he's not seem to unterstand the problem:

    "am not saying where i got it from after i've read the rules and respect them " - it is quite clear from this sentence (or even from the filename of the iso) that coolman got himself an illegal release of Longhorn, and he can't install that.

    As i know there are 2 versions of Longhorns floating around. One is installable, the other is not. This forum is not for helping users with illegal stuff, but from the sentence above, coolman, you can figure out what to do next.
  4. Burpster

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    why would you even want to install it ...at this point in time its just asking for problems ...i can see installing to play around with it when it hits RC1
  5. coolman125

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    why not :)

    i've fixed the problem now

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    He isnt an MS BETA tester, he has obviously just downloaded this from IRC or someones FTP server, this has been leaked by microsoft and is all over the web
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