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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jackal_dog, Feb 15, 2002.

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    Okay, I have two logon icons showing when the Logon Loader comes up. Now, my wife was using my identity to get onto Win XP Pro to use the computer. She somehow got it to tell her "# of unread messages" when the logon screen comes up. Now that she has permanently left, I can't get it to stop doing that and to start checking mine. When I click my identity to log on, my messenger account automatically comes up, but it checks hers when the logon screen comes up. I hope that makes sense. Please help because I'm about to loose what marbles I have left.
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    Message count on logon screen


    You will need to repair the registry key for your profile. The easiest way is to d/l Powertoys for XP. There is a freebie version available for d/l on this site I believe.

    Once installed: Run Tweak UI and select the repair option on the left. Select the repair unread mail account option from the dropdown menu and click "repair now".

    That should do it!
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    Worked great, thanks!