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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by npfanz, May 7, 2002.

  1. npfanz

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    I posted this previously when someone was asking about getting a new mouse. I don't think anyone saw it though. Does anyone else have this problem with logitech and xp?

    My mouseman dual optical works wonderfully, but if I use logitech's drivers (any version) my scroll wheel goes to hell. If I'm viewing a large page in IE and I try to scroll quickly the bar moves down and then there is some lag as the page drags along. Or if I am in windows explorer viewing all my mp3s as a list, the scroll wheel isn't accurate enough to just shift one column at a time. Uninstall logitech's drivers and use the default MS ones and the scroll wheel works perfectly, very accurate and no lag (by the way I set my scroll to 3 lines in either driver, so that isn't the problem).

    Is this uncommon? Any ideas on fixes? I would just like to be able to use logitech's drivers so my thumb button isn't worthless.

  2. npfanz

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    I did try those, no luck. As far as I could tell that registry fix was for old games. I suppose it can't hurt to try though...
  3. AmarSingh

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    i had the same prob for about 10 minutes after i got my cordless mousman optical till i found the setting in the mouse properties.

    go control panel>mouse then click the buttons tab. in the bottom half of the properties window in the buttons tab there are some options for the scroll wheel. put a check mark next to "Use MS office compatible scroll only"

    that should do the trick.....just in case it doesnt, leave it checked and turn off smooth scrolling in IE advanced properties.
  4. npfanz

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    Thanks for the suggestion, it does seem to help, a little. Maybe I just scroll too fast for logitech? If I go to a long IE page (like my.yahoo.com) and I know there is something I want to see towards the bottom, I quickly roll the wheel back. With ms default drivers, it moves the page quickly and it stops when I'm not scrolling. With logitech's drivers (even with the ms office scroll only checked) if I roll the wheel quickly the page starts to scroll, and after I'm done rolling the page continues to move down for a few seconds. It makes it impossible to scroll accurately on a large page. Logitech's support was 'reinstall the drivers.' I waited two days for that response? I guess its just a problem and I'll have to use the default ms drivers.

    Thanks for the suggestions, though.
  5. AmarSingh

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    i know exacly what u are saying man. i had the same prob...and i scroll very fast too. changing that in the mouse properties and turning off smooth scrolling in IE fixed it for me. too bad it didnt work for u though
  6. npfanz

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    I appreciate the suggestion, though. At least you gave me something to try, their tech support couldn't even do that!