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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ricecube77, Jul 7, 2002.

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    I installed Login Screens (The Homer x-ray one, to be exact), using both the manual and the loginloader program. I copied all the files into the specified dllcache and System32 folders.... and each time i load reboot XP, it gives me the default login screen. Anyone know whats going on? Some other users have been having the same problem...
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    Only problem I keep having is the new logon screens are not aligned properly. The picture is always showed off the screen on the left side.
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    From memory the homer screen loads itself. Again from memory you need to create a new folder according to the readme\help file from 'logon loader'. If it did not work & you are using 'logon loader' from the download section try this.
    Unzip homer to a new folder. Put that folder into C:\Windows\Resources\LogonUI (You may have to create 'logonUI')\Homer folder.
    From there open 'logon loader', select homer & away it should go.
    It does not give me any grief at all. And it looks :cool:

    I did not do anything with the dll cache & system32 folders. :confused:
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    Hm...... still doesn't work.

    Where is the registry key where i can specify my loginUI? (Homer.reg file does this,,,, but i want to do it manually.... seeing that file doesn't work apparently).

    Maybe another problem resides in the fact that im using a corporate copy of XP Pro?

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    I've only used the restore registry key. Never the homer one. Have you put the 'logonui' file into the Homer folder in C:\Windows\Resources\LogonUI???
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    yep, i've tried just about everything :p even safe mode w/ administrator etc etc....
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    Any Luck on this or more advice?

    I'm lost on this one too. Initially I thought it would be as simple as replacing logonui.exe, but I noticed it quickly was overwritten.

    Checking around I found the recommendations to replace it in safe mode, restart and you'd be all set.

    No luck, default logonui.exe returns and I'm stuck with that.

    I tried a couple of logon loaders, both failed for me. I'm under the impression that something about my XP installation doesn't want me to overwrite that file and it prefers to replace it with the original each and every time I update it!

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    solution to your problems

    check my thread at WinXP registry tweaks!!! you can actually specify your log on screen using registry. if you have lots of them(logonui.exe), you can name them anything you want and change it by just modifying the registry.
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