Lock Ctrl+alt+del program??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Bretenn, Feb 23, 2003.

  1. Bretenn

    Bretenn Guest

    do u guys know any program(tools) or tweaks that can lock the ctrl+alt+del from being press??

    i mean before the window is load... so that anyone who attempt to close any application while the window is loading will be failed.
    i had downloaded a few which got lock ctrl+alt+del but it can be terminated by pressing the ctrl+alt+del while the windows is still loading.
  2. bumzig

    bumzig Guest

    Access Lock.


    Theres an option in the preferences menu that disables those particular keys.

    It is payware unfortunatly. I cant find any freeware ones that are suitable to your needs.
  3. Bretenn

    Bretenn Guest

    i know those kind of program but i want a program that truly can disable the ctrl+alt+del b4 the window load... coz if i put it in stratup, i can terminated it by pressing the ctrl+alt+del once the window load.

    DOes anyone of u know how to disable the ctrl+alt+del by tweaking the registry??
    anyway thanks for reply ;)
  4. The_Schwarz

    The_Schwarz Guest

    If you have windows xp pro goto start then run then type in gpedit.msc

    click on the plus sign next to user configuration then again next to administrative templates then once more next to system.

    There will be an option called ctrl + alt + del options set what u want there and reboot.