Liteon DVD Rom

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Chicane, Apr 25, 2002.

  1. Chicane

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    i install this didnt work first time, so i unstalled it and my writer, and it worked first time, there was no drivers for it, the web site says use the XP default, now after another reset, it refuses to budge.

    n e ideas or drivers?

    LTD 163D DVD Drive


    Ps. I know its a cheap drive thats why i bought it...
  2. Sazar

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    yo mate, relax... please describe the problem.. you uninstalled what? the drivers or the drive itself, the writer? the CD/rw I suppose... slave/master info... whatever can be helpful..

    of course I am not very good I suppose as well... so it may just be me that has not understood what you are saying :)

    cheers backatcha...

    YNWA !!!
  3. Chicane

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    the dvd is the master
    the writer is the slave

    i uninstalled the drivers then the drives in XP for both drives

    restarted both detected and worked fine

  4. stuy_b

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    Urrrm so whats the problem????????????.. u say its working now !?????

    As far as which drivers you should use.. XP should detect and install the CD/DVD drivers.. IT WONT BE LITEON specific, but a Microsoft certified generic driver, which should WORK FINE.
  5. bmxjt

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    I have a Liteon DVD and it works just dandy. Doesnt seem like a cheap DVD rom drive..
  6. da rock

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    use a the same player myself ,hadn't had any probs. are your cables hooked up correctly,do they show up on your post screen
    when you boot up?