Lite On 52246S 52x24x52 problems

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Dlovely, Dec 8, 2002.

  1. Dlovely

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    Ok so i bought it and installed the Nero bundled with it. Upgraded to the and realized the max burn was 10x?!?!
    so anyway i rolled back to the original bundled Nero x.13. My problem basically is with Media. I burn't a 24x TDK at 52x and toasted it. I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for proper media being that I can't find 52x. Any recommendations brand/type would be appreciated as i dont need anymore coasters.
  2. Burpster

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    i cant see the media being the problem.... i would check liteon's site to see if a firmware update is available also enable DMA if it isnt already

    nero supports this 52X LTR-52246S
  3. mbunny

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    CD-R's and CD-RW's have a speed rating for a very good reason. They are able to only go up to a certain speed.

    A 24x CD-R was not designed to burn at 52x. The chemical makeup isn't the same.

    If you want to burn at 52x, then find some media that can handle 52x.

    If Nero says you can only burn at 10x then it means the media you are trying to burn on can only handle 10x. Let me guess, it was a CD-RW?

    The only good thing about the new burners are the fast RW speeds. As if your CD would ever see 52x burning for more than 15 seconds :/
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    let me know where you find some 52x media, i am kinda interested in seeing that.
  5. Dlovely

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    I upgraded the firmware as soon as I installed it. The bundled nero works fine but once i upgrade to the latest version, it shows a 10x max write speed. So i uninstalled it and went back to the original version and voila it burns at 52x. I believe the fastest i've seen so far is 48x (maxell etc..) but i just was wondering if anyone knew of a 52x CD-R that i could pick up. It sucks having a ferrari and putting in regular gas. I want some performance lol

    thanks fellas!
  6. Burpster

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    just goes to show once again that the latest ...isnt always greatest :)

    i still use Nero that came bundled with my 32X liteon
  7. dreamliner77

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    I wouldn't be that concerned about finding 52x media. In all practicallity, you are probably only knocking about 4-5 seconds off the burning time between 48x and 52x. Not to mention, the faster you burn, the more errors that are likely and the fact that the best media is still 24x or lower.
  8. GoNz0

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    Prostore are multispeed cd's, i got 48x liteon and they burn at 48 without problem.
  9. dreamliner77

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    many burners allow you to burn faster than the rated speed of a cdr. This, however, is not recommeded.

    As far as media goes, stick to cdr's by the following companies:
    Taiyo Yuden
    Kodak (no longer produced)

    Stay away from cheap, no name media and anything by CMC.
  10. BonyTony

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    Found a UK site claiming to have 52x media....the link to there web site is here >Click
  11. TechSupport

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    imation 48x cdr can be burned at 52x - every cd allows a bit of push and shove... i used to burn 12x media at 16x when i first got the burner.