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Discussion in 'Linux & BSD' started by NeoXP, Dec 7, 2001.

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    This does not relate to XP, but I do have Xp and this has been an extremely helpful and informative site, so I figure I should ask.

    Do any of you know any good Linux sites with forums that are comparable to this one, or run by the same programmers? I am a intermediate user that is trying to learn as much as possible while in college and if you know any sites with people as intelligent as on this site, I would really appreciate the help! Thanx
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    Yeah, I'd like to hear any problems between XP and Linux... So, far I got them both sharing thru Samba and havent had any issues. Except for the occasional glitch in XP - correctly logging into Samba.

    Although I got alot of permissions errors mapping a drive from XP onto Linux, other way around is super easy...

    And if your interested in learning more about Linux, I have a LPIC training CD. Which is for the Linux Prof Institute Certification. Thats Sahr's competition - the ones IBM just started backing...

    As well, as a ton of books to point you in the right direction.... Those man pages can get pretty cryptic.


    drop me a line:
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    linux gurus all day/night on your local news server :) if you don't know your news server, call your isp, or find a free one..
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    FreeBSD Rules!
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    Well, if you're relatively new to Linux, you can check out

    It's full of usefull hints and has a good Discussion Forum.