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Discussion in 'Linux & BSD' started by melon, Nov 8, 2008.

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    Is it just me, or does Linux really suck when it comes to something as reasonably simple as monitors and screen resolutions? For one, feel free to tell me if it isn't universal. I originally tried to use Ubuntu 7.10, and, since my Nvidia card was too new....well, trying to get even a workable monitor was like pulling teeth. Ubuntu 8.04, admittedly, was surprisingly drama free, except it took me a while before I could figure out how to get my dual monitor setup working. Now I'm experimenting with Kubuntu 8.10, where most of my headaches involved the splash screen, which defaulted to such a high resolution that it crashed to the terminal before it would get to KDE. I figured out that I could fix it by lowering the resolution of the splash screen....but then the splash screen wouldn't center appropriately and it became a mess. Eventually, I got sick of it enough that I just disabled it altogether (and, interestingly, the startup and shutdown seems to be faster now). I almost feel like Ubuntu's Achilles' heel is their ****ing splash screen! I don't know why they can't default it to a low resource, low resolution setup like Microsoft has done since the beginning, and if someone wants an excessive UHDTV version of their splash screen....well, then they can customize it themselves. I don't think I've had this many problems trying to get a monitor work right since DOS, and I think that, until they get something as ubiquitous as a monitor to work right out of the box, then they are going to have trouble getting mainstream adopters.

    Forgive my rant. Now that I've got Kubuntu 8.10 up and running, I quite like it. KDE 4 is quite an interesting change of pace.
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    go into system settings (or display) and change it there
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    Ubuntu has always done that.

    I don't why that ubuntu does that either.