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    I got a Link error 1181 with fresh code from source safe. It is looking for a dll that is in the windows/system32 directory and cannot find it.
    So how do I set the path to it?
    I do not see amy sort of system path in MSCONFIG to set.
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    as a mainframe coder even I link code and have to use a make file or two....

    I think you need to contact the source provider to progress this - it has nothing to do with MSCONFIG for sure! There wil be an option to specify where load modules are picked up from on the linker, but if I had to second guess this I would say the developer has tragetted a different platform than the one you are working with. Certainly need more and different info to go any further.

    Admiral Michael was, I guess, referring to picking up the source from some other site? This error code is to do with code preparation for execution and not in any way site specific...