Line Out on my SBLive with 4 Creative speakers

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by CybrJnkie, Mar 24, 2003.

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    okay well I currently have a converter for going from my tv's white and red rca's to like the male of a headphone cord and that goes directly into the soundcard. Well whenever I'm listening to the TV through that by way of Line Out, it only gives out the sound through the front speakers. But..If I go into surround mixer and check the box for digital output, it gives it out the back speakers instead of the front. I was wondering if there was anyway I could get my Line Out to play on all 4 speakers. Thanks
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    Shouldn't it go to "line in" on your sound card?

    Your TV's RCA White and Red sound connectors for output sound are the ones you are talking about, yes? And you want to hear the TV through the "Surround Sound" effect of the SB Live card on all four (4) speakers, yes?

    If this is correct then the TV should be connected to the "Line In" of the SB Live card.

    Also is it configured for four (4) speakers? Are the "Fade" controls adjusted correctly? Did you do the SB Live "speaker test" to see if all speakers are playing sound in "surround sound" mode?

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    your 4 computer speakers take up 2 jacks (inputs in the back of your card) I know headphone jacks only support 2 channels right and left there is no front and back with a head phone jack. the signal your tv is sending to your computer is a stero signal (ie; left and right) as far as I know there is no way to get surround sound out of the line in.
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    Go into "Control Panel" then "Sound and Audio Devices"

    At the bottom of the window where "Speaker Settings" is click "Advanced" and set it to "Quadraphonic Speakers" and see what happens.

    Otherwise you might be outta luck... unless someone else posts a known solution.