Limiting Web Surfing in IE

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dere, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. dere

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    I need to set up IE6 so that users can only go to one specific website, eg. . I know that you can allow and block specific websites but I do not know exactly how to go about this to block everything but the one. I do not want the users to be able to go anywhere else.
  2. IDLE

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    typically a firewall will work for this issue, but the firewall will need to be advanced enough to be able to do this. i am talking about a hardware firewall. not software.

    in I.E. they have security that only allows certain websites that can be viewed but if you have alot of users its easier for a firewall to come in place.
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    what's wrong with software firewalls for this purpose? A Squid proxy or an ISA server can easily do what you want to do. Most proxy software in general should allow you to do this. Heck, even a decent client side firewall can be setup with some default deny rules to outside networks with a specific allow rule on port 80/443 to a specific IP/site/domain.

    You could also get really creative and start changing the route table on the client but that takes a lot more work and knowledge.
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    You can use McAfee privacy service for this. The way it works is you set logins for each person, you can at that point set restrictions for the users. If you want them to go to one site it will be able to work. Like if you want them to just go to you can set it for that; any pages they try to go to after that will come saying page not found.

    It comes with the McAfee suite, intenet security and such.

    I works pretty good, I used it on my daughter for a while.