Lexmark Color error/talk help please

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by peroxide, Oct 10, 2002.

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    Do any one in here have a lexmark, or has used a lexmark printer before???

    if so, then you know about the talking man. "Prinitng Started, etc." Also it had a panel where you could check the levels of ink, etc. Well I tried to install that on Windows XP, but the cd-rom that came along did not have the "Install Option" on it when using Windows Xp. The printer needed no drivers or nothing. I just plugged it in and it works. But heres the problem, I have a brand new ink cartridge in it, but everything I print comes out in a greenishblue and yello. I can print something that is black, but it comes out yello and greenish blue? How can I correct this problem, and get back the talking man and control panel(options) that came along with lexmark.

    P.S, it worked great in win98se & winme
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    when you put in the cd, right click > explore > right click on setup.exe > properties > compatibility > Win 98/Me or 2000.. hopefully that will help..
  3. Henyman

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    whick lexmark? i got a z53. it came with 2 c.ds. i had the talking "ink low" etc driver + also a normal driver that showed ink leaval etc. i use the normal driver cus the guy speaking pissed me off:p
  4. Henyman

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    also is it an original cartridge? could it b a duff cartridge?
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    Hi peroxide,

    Go to this link and download the latest drivers for your particular model, then all should be well.

    Hope this helps you


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    I have the Lexmark X73 printer. Mine works fine. I would suggest that you uninstall the old driver and then install the latest XP drivers for your printer model.

    Don't forget Lexmark's tech help. Give them a call if all else fails.