Let other computers control shared dial up connection in server 2003

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by GeeZuZz, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. GeeZuZz

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    Do someone know how to configure my shared dial-up connection in Windows Server 2003 (RC2) so that other computers can control it (connect/disconnect it)?

    In winXP i have three choices:
    - Allow other computer to use it
    - Establish a connection whenever a computer needs it
    - Allow other computers to control it (connect/disconnect)

    In server 2003 the last option is not listet... :(
  2. its a server, so settings are not in the same place if they are thereat all. it is ment to be in a domain anyway, not a workgroup and sharing a connection unless it has a proxy (isa say....)

    i have 2003 server too , you have yours in an ad/domain setup? then the settings for the last item would be controlled through a mmc somewhere remotely to server. not as a choice for each local user
  3. Electronic Punk

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    Whenever I tried to connect the dial-up on my dads pc over the network, it never connects... does it do this for you?
  4. GeeZuZz

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    It should be possible to at least select which users had permissions to connect disconnect the dial-up (administrators for instance). :huh:

    Electronic Punk:

    Yes, just share rightclick the connection -> advanced -> check "allow other computers to control...".

    Then on the client run the network setup wizard, make sure that it finds the right shared connection - and then you can find the connection in "Network Connections", just as a normal dial-up connection.