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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by Dartman, Jun 6, 2002.

  1. Dartman

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    What's with all you lot posting line after line of system specs in your sigs? What a colossal waste of space - especially when the same stuff appears time after time after time in the same thread. Really, who cares???

    Smacks of 'mine is bigger than yours' - No doubt some lists are genuine, but it's probably just wishful thinking for some ppl. Plus it's pretty sad when your sig is longer than your post.

    Yeah, I can choose to hide the sigs, and I might do that to reduce the clutter, but I shouldn't have to.

    How about a new forum topic called something like 'My System Rocks' - then anyone interested in bragging can do it in there instead of taking up space elsewhere.

  2. Iceman

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    no comment :D
  3. xsk8zerox

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    5 posts and you already trying to piss people off?
  4. huFFamOOse

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    I don't mind them, although Iceman38's is about the biggest i'd like to see :D

    This ain't really a problem for me (cable rules) but I can imagine sigs with large pictures of specs (mad onion forms anyone?) could be annoying - but then again don't be so lazy, you only have a tick a box and they're gone. Can't say i've seen sigs like that neither.
  5. stuy_b

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    No I think Dartman has a valid point.

    Whats the point of having your system specs listed?!

    If someone needs to know part of your system they can ask.
  6. Bytes Back

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    Have to agree with Stuy_b ! :D
  7. dreamliner77

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    sometimes you can trouble shoot a problem thru someone's system specs.
  8. Iceman

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    u guys are totally correct...

    from now let's all drive the same kind of car, same color, same interior, live in the same type of house, same color, inside and outside, listen to the same music.........

    no more individual thought allowed..........

    no more individual freedom................

    let's all become robots............

    :D :D
  9. jawshoouh

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  10. Dartman

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    ROTFL - Why on earth would you think that??? No, I'm not trying to piss you or anybody else off. Anyone who gets PO'd at such a simple little comment/observation is just too bloody sensitive! :rolleyes:

    After all, this is the General Chatter forum, right... so all I'm doing here is generally chattering. I know I can switch the sigs off - that's not the point. I just think that stuffing a sig like that is wasteful - especially when it shows up 20 times in the same thread. I'm much more interested in reading what you people are saying - I couldn't care less what you may or may not have on the desk in front of you.

    And just WHAT does the number of posts have to do with anything anyway? Answer: SFA!!

  11. JJB6486

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    I dont have a problem with long TEXT sigs, like with system specs, contact info, etc. Although those signatires with the big jpeg banners can be annoying. It can take forever to load the page with those huge banners

  12. Dartman

    Dartman Guest

    Well JJB, at least yours is nicely formatted instead of a great long list...

    I was going to mention the pics as well, but I didn't want to get the sensitive folks PO'd at me!!! :D
  13. neoterixx

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    Honestly there is a lot of advice being flung around on the boards, and with anything there is a lot of people who THINK they know everything there is to know about computers. I like to see the sig cause I like to see what hardware a person uses, sometimes I feel a little more comfortable if someone is saying hey this RAM is great or this mainboard is great cause you can do this and this and this with it... Etc. Etc. A person who takes the time out to build custom systems usually wants a lil more UMMPPPH from their computer they push their systems to the max they abuse they're creations. to me thats the kind of people who I want to take advice from, i want to know what they think about certain hardware and software, because they generally know what they are doing. No self respecting Computer Guro would be working on a Gateway or a Dell, I mean thats the for the General Public. Anyway just me two cents! Hey does my post beat out my sig ;)! Just playing!
  14. Perris Calderon

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    ha...I'm the only one that gets you dart...you're havin some fun, and airing a pet pieve at the same time...cool...

    I hate cats...

    btw, when I was stuck with dialup, I turned off animations, sigs, eveything, so I understand what you're sayin.
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  16. Dartman

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    Exactly. 'nuff said.
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    Funny thread!:p

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