Learning Sim City 4 [Trainer Help]

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by S1RE, Mar 20, 2003.

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    I'm trying to load the trainers I've found for Sim City 4. I've done exactly as the ".txt" and ".nfo's" say to do. After I updated my game with the 1st patch from Maxis I got skeptical and searched for a newly updated trainer for the updated game version.


    Although I've tried hitting 1, 2, and 3 and the only thing that seems to work is the Rewards. I've tried loading up the trainer then loading Sim City 4 still no luck. I've tried loading Sim City 4 alt tabbing to Windows and loading the Trainer and alt tabbing back to Sim City 4 still no luck. The only feature I can't get to work is the Massive money cheat.

    Can anyone shine some light on this issue?
  2. have u tried to turn on the money cheat and then buy something, cause I had the Deviance trainer (do a search on google) and I had to buy something for it to work and after that whenever I bought something it gave me more money.
  3. S1RE

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    Your using the Deviance trainer for the initial launch of the game?

    I've tried a couple different trainers- but some may not work because they were made for the lauch version.

    Since I've patched I need a patched trainer for version 242.

    Have you patched your game - and does that same trainer give you money when you buy something?

    This really blows- I remember trying a trainer before I patched my game and believe it did work. Now I'm screwed b/c the patched trainers are crap.
  4. Krux

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    OMG reinstall the game how are u screwed? and if you say u can't u have a ware and u shouldn't be post on our furoms about this anyways!

    PS. I can't stand cheaters
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    Krux: Please don't make me laugh- how are you going to get mad at me for cheating at a single player only game.

    If you wanna take this further, I offer dueling you at Quake 3 Excessive CTF - I'll even find a server where our pings match =)

    I'm serious!
  6. Krux, stop crying, do u want to take a round of CS??

    S1RE, I only patched my game once with the online patch from the maxis site and I had no problems with the trainer after that.

    Give the deviance trainer a go and tell us if it works.
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    Smoking: I found the patch somewhere on the internet- not exactly sure where though so I don't know. Although I did un-install SC4 and re-installed and loaded up the deviance trainer and had 2 billion bucks in 10 minutes or so. Good thing my city still worked even though I started that city on the patched version.

    I can state that all trainers stated to work on the patched version did not work for me. I will consider patching again since re-installing doesn't take that long. Could you post the exact file name along with release group info of the trainer your using that works with your patched version of Sim City 4?

    I currently do not have Half-Life installed or else I would - if I need the latest hlupdate could you provide an ftp transfer yourself ;) Nothing like waiting hours just to update a game...

    Krux: I hate cheaters too - and punkbuster is annoying, but usefull.
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    hahaha u guys threaten me with a video game?!?! HAHAHAHAHA and Q3 is the junkiest FPS ever made PERIOD maybe Q4 will have some redeming qualitys but 3 is junk it was right from the get go. as for CS if I had broad band I would take you up on it (2 more months new house) last weekend I went to a tourney for CS and came in second agains't a Cal-O (5 to 7) team so you scare me not.
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    Well just for your info- Quake 3's engine is better than Half-Life and next q3 has sucked from get go but Excessive is the best ever.

    And most of all 5 to 7 what score? or 5 guys on 7 and you won... ?

    CS is slow and I've mastered that and takes hours (2-3) to even start to have fun - beside the gameplay is slow and boring. That's all because I played the hell out of it when it was new- now its like 5 years old - or older.

    I can take 2vs myself in excessive ctf - if you think cs is the equivalent then your in for a big surprise.
  10. Ive uninstalled the game a long time ago, but I remember that I patched it and used the Devinace trainer, I cant say any more than this about it. Sorry..
  11. Krux

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    no the score was 5 to 7 the teams where 5 on 5 in tourny the game goes 12 rounds 6 T's 6 CT's. anyways I know there not the same. but just because I don't play Q3 doesn't mean I don't have the face paced skillz there was a UT2k3 tourney there also that I got first in. and yes I know the Q3 engine looks better then the HL engine but after all the HL engine is just a modifyed Q2 engine and HL as it is now looks to outlast Q3 and its already what 7 years old? doesn't matter what it looks like its how its used and no one seems to know how to use the Q3 engine.