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Discussion in 'Linux & BSD' started by Luna64, Feb 19, 2003.

  1. Luna64

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    Could someone point me in the direction of some good site(s) or book(s) that help teach noobs how to use Linux.

    I have Mandrake and Slackware (but I can't get slackware to install on my PC) and I can't figure out how to use it. I installed Mandrake twice, but when it came to using commands and things like that I did not know what to do.

    So any info on the matter would be great. Even if it's a book that costs money, I would be intrested in buying it.

    I have tried really hard to learn how to use this OS, but I just can't seem to figure it out :(
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    Slackware is not for you... Trust me on this... if you cant get a distro like mandrake to run dont even bother with slackware. slackware is meant for developers and does not contain any fancy interface. Go with Red Hat 8... Thats the easiest distro to learn... But to run slackware would be a waste of time for you if u cant run a simple distro.
  3. G-Money

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    I would go with RedHat or Mandrake. Both very easy to install.

    Here are some links you will want !!!


    two <--- can download redhat here. Need a cd-burner

    three <---- can download mandrake here. Need a cd-burner

    four <--- this one has a forum like NTFS.org

  4. NetRyder

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    Ah, JustLinux is the new name for Linuxnewbie.org!
  5. gothic

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    A pretty good site for more detailed information is the Linux Documentation Project found at http://www.tldp.org/

    p.s. Stick to Mandrake or Redhat, you can't go wrong (in my opinion)

    TonyO [TOK]
  6. Luna64

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    Slackware is not as tough as you make it out to be. And I am not trying to put you down, but Mandrake ran fine on my PC. Slackware would not run due to hardware issues.

    I never said I could not install them

    Plus I was asking for sites on the basics of Linux, so your post was not very helpfull. In fact it did not help me in the slightest.
  7. Luna64

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    I don't recall, but is it possible to install Linux on the same HD as XP and not have to reinstall XP ?

    Sorry, but it's been a long time and I don't remember some of this stuff.
  8. Zedric

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    Yes. Provided you do it right. :)
  9. koko

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    i recently set up my system to dual boot xp pro and mandrake 9.0.

    i highly recommend setting up linux on another hdd, if you can spare it. makes things a lot easier.
  10. X-Istence

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    Get The linux book for newbies, or something like it, its a really good book, and i like it.