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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SaintKaden, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. SaintKaden

    SaintKaden Guest

    I was just wondering is there a way to modify a shortcut to open and close a CDRom...?

    I know there are tweaks for shortcuts to restart, shutdown, etc. but I'd like to have full access to all my devices from my KB... does anyone know how to do such a thing without external utilities? :eek: :eek: zzZZ
  2. MiseryQv2.0

    MiseryQv2.0 Guest

    I'll have to look into that... But I don't think there's away to do it directly... There needs to be a 3rd party program running...

    I should've looked sooner since one of my WS has an "invisable CD-rom"...

    Thanks for reminding me...
  3. Gary Pandher

    Gary Pandher Moderator

    saintkaden how much did ur computer cost u?.....US $?
  4. MiseryQv2.0

    MiseryQv2.0 Guest

    THIS may help... I have'nt tried it yet but it's suppose to not reside in memory... Meaning it's only on when it loads/ejcts the cd... But it does cost...

    Also look for:
    Easy Ejector
    Eject cd-rom
    cd eject 2002...