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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by MdSalih, Jul 15, 2002.

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    Hmm... dont think many people have heard of this game...

    Its a web based stratergy game... All you need is Internet Explorer and an Internet Connection... and you can play :)

    The main objective is to become #1 in the universe...

    the way u accomplish it is to have battle against other players and make your way to the top...

    You use asteroids (more commonly known as roids) to get money... with the money you build ships and do research + construction to get better ships, scans and other stuff...

    with ships you have battle against other players... while in battle you can rob asteroids off them... these asteroids add to your income... so basically the more asteroids you have... the more income you get... the more ships you can build... the more score you get... etc

    easy you may think... but when everyone else is competing against each other to do this successfully... it isn't so easy ;)

    The game hasn;t been running for long... about 3-4 months... currently grabs about 100 players each round... a round lasts about 3-5 hours...

    its tick based... the ticks are set @ 10 seconds... so every 10 seconds you get the resource income from your asteroids... if you have any ships in development they advance on tick... same with scans, science + research etc...

    Its a fun game... its similar to other web games like Planetarion and Unitywars...

    You have to get into the game and understand how it works to start having fun playing it... otherwise you will get bored... once you are used to the game... you will become heavily addicted :D - as many people have fallen in this trap before ;)

    I used to watch my brother play a game like this... watched him for about 1 month... thought he was wasting his time... came home from school... watching him clicking through pages... how boring... sigh then i started learning how to play... made my own account... got addicted... and now run my own game ;)

    All that explains why i've been away from XP-erience lately... am admining the game... so that tends to take up most of my time... :( - but i do still pop in every now and again :)

    anywayz... Last-Horizon is the name... is the game... is the IRC... ;)


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    *checking it!*
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    Does dial-up count as an internet connection ?
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    sounds cool.. checking it out
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    Any internet connection. Dialup included :)