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    Damn...I find myself in love with this one. I will admit that I'm an incredibly particular computer owner, and the main reason I've refused to even entertain laptops, thus far, is because I think they're overpriced and the construction is cheap (plastic? ehh...), particularly in comparison to Mac Titanium Powerbooks--which I won't buy, because I don't want to migrate to Mac and pay exorbitant prices to do so. The fact that I cannot build my own laptop, at least in the same league that I can build a new desktop system, still pisses me off, but I think I've finally found the laptop I've been looking for. Looks to be great construction, with the right combination of utility and multimedia performance for me (I work primarily in video production). Goes for around, on average, $2400 (I still wish it were cheaper, but don't we all?).

    However, I'm curious as to whether people have their own opinions on laptops and if there are any other kinds out there that would be worth looking at, along with your opinion on the one above. I'm possibly looking to buy one within the next month or two, because I've finally hit a position where "mobility" is starting to become necessary.


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    if i had 2400 id buy it... but as goes now.. im poor... being in college sucks ass sometimes lol
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    You could find machines with similar specs for a lower cost, but the construction of the ASUS looks outstanding. I've never used whole computers made by them, but I have an ASUS motherboard in my old desktop, and it's still going strong...even after so many years. Plus, it had some of the best features at the time, so I have a fair amount of trust in them.
    I'd say if you can spend the $2400, it's definitely a worthy notebook. [​IMG]