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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by bmorrissey51, Mar 26, 2003.

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    Ok, I asked a question earlier today about my PC having an error, but this problem is on my laptop. It constantly freezes. When I am downloading something (for example, Windows Updates), it freezes. I installed Norton Anti-Virus today, to see if there was a virus, and in the middle of checking, it froze. It is so frusterating.

    I recently formatted too, as recent as a week and a half ago. Prior to format, it would freeze, but not nearly as much as now. I am thinking this is a major problem that another format wont fix. I have hardware warrenty still, so I dont know what to do. The thing is that I need my laptop for school, so I can't very well send it away right now.

    Is there anything you guys reccomend me doing?
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    well i use a laptop for school too, but anyways i would check the drivers and the event log to see if that is anything, also, i noticed that if i leave my laptop running for a log time and it gets hot it will freez. and yea, if worse comes to worse then it would be a good idea to send it in for them to look at it, other than that i dont know, too bad this didnt happen on march break that is when i take mine in for servicing
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    Divx roused an idea.

    Laptops cool through their bottoms. Try leaving it on a metal table or propping it up on some pencils so air can get underneath. Don't let it sit on a couch or bed. The fabric and padding will act like an insulator. If it's a heat problem that may help.

    PS If its a high speed laptop remember, laptop is a style, not a description. There are some amusing posts around about a guy who fried his pecker with his laptop and then sued the manufacturer. They also recommend you not leave the laptop on a good quality wood table either, it can damage the finish. Wish still I had the pecker link around...

    And get it in for repair while you still have the warantee. Anything running XP and doing something other than gaming should not lock up.
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    Its not the heating, I actually had to get that fixed once, but this freezing happens when it is totally cooled off as well. I do have build in legs for my laptop that work to circulate air better.

    I also put some more RAM in my laptop not long ago, but it seems the freezing started to happen well after that was installed, so I don't know. Maybe I should take that out for a while and see what happens.
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    What type of laptop are you using?
    Operating system? Ram?
    I had a compaq presario that would never work right no matter how many driver or compaq service updates were installed
    I now have a Tosh Satellite 5100 which is rock solid no matter what you throw at it.
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    your cpu is over heating its blatantly obvious. the fan and heatsink could be clogged with dust. which even if you left a ventilation gap would not help. either open it up your self and clean it or take it to an authorised dealer who will clean it up. without voiding your warranty.:)
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    Well I dont think it is overheating because like I said, it does this when totally cooled off.

    I am using a Compaq Presario 725CA, Windows XP Pro, 1.29Ghz, I am not sure of the RAM type exactly, but whatever I bought, I made sure it works with this laptop. I did buy the right kind, however, I guess its possible that it isn't working properly.

    I can't remember when I started having the problems, but it was sometime after the RAM was installed, and it has gotten much worse since I formatted.
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    can you take the new stick of ram out and see if the problem stops ?
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    Yeah, I am gonna do that tonight, as I am at school right now. I haven't noticed a huge difference in performace anyways, so whatever. I might be able to send it back still.
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    it says right when you install norton if u are installing it because you suspect there is a virus DO NOT INSTALL NORTON your sposed to run the cd from dos and do it there because a virus will just infect norton and it won't work right from the get go.
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    what about a rock? :p
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    I closed my laptop the other night and it turned off, I guess because it go to hot. also the way my laptop is built It pulls air dirctly from outside and that lets me use a can of compressed air to blow the HSF clean of all dust.