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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Timuwine, Feb 26, 2003.

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    Hi I have recently installed Windows Xp on a laptop that previously had Windows 95 on it. The problem is the display is messing up. When I try to change the display to 1024x768 instead of resizing to fit onto the screen, it just expands. So now if I have this resolution picked I have to move my mouse to the edge of the screen so it scrolls to show the rest of the screen. I hope I explained this clearly. Does anyone know what the problem is? If so please help. Not sure if this is a driver or hardware issue. Thanks
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    First, make sure your display supports 1024x768, because if it wont, then it will just have a scrolling screen like you have now. If you are sure you had 1024x768 working before, you can try going to control panel > display > settings > advanced... Then go to the monitor tab. Click change, go to the driver tab and do update driver. Then select "i want to select the driver" or something like that and it will show a list of all different monitors. I think if you look in the generic type there will be a selection called Laptop Display panel (1024x768). Select that and press OK. Now reboot and try again.
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    yeah i'm pretty sure it 1024x768 worked on windows 95 so i'll try what you suggested and see it that works.
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    sounds like you have an 800x600 laptop screen. ideally, this is the resolution you want to run at. if you run at anything higher, it will have to compress the pixels and a lot of them will be cut out or blurred. text would be a pain in the ass to read.

    lcd screens only have a set number of pixels and a single resolution they're meant to run at. it's recomended that you set it to that resolution. anything else will give you a crappy picture.
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    hey thanks you guys. the display does look crappy at 1024 so I guess i'll just leave it at 800 even though I hate it