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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by shulse, Apr 4, 2003.

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    Hello all...

    I have been given a Compaq Evo N600c from my work. It's my first laptop and I have only had this thing a week (give me a desktop anyday). Anyway, I am having an issue with the display. I don't know what I hit, or how, but my screen has shrunk and now has a border around all sides in the size of about 2.5 inches. It isn't a resolution setting - I have checked that and it's ok. I was away from my desk and the IT guy came around and had it fixed. Unfortunately I came back to my desk when he was finished what he was doing and already had it fixed.

    I now am home and have powered up and the problem is back. It seems that whatever my IT guy did to fix it wasn't permanent and has come back after the re-boot.

    Help if you can!!.......and thank you in advance.
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    your laptops lcd has a native res. and if you don't run it at that it "stretches" (which in many cases mean shrink) the picture so that it is being displayed in its native res. I don't know how to fix it but I know you can. I also know you say it isn't a resolution setting but try upping the res on the monitor to its max and then turn it off and then back on and see if that helps.
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    you sure? i don't mean to question your intelligence, but it really sounds like a resolution thing to me. what happens when you set the resolution one or two notches higher?
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    Re: Re: Laptop Display Prob

    Currently I have the settings set to 1024x768. If I set it to a higher setting, my icons get smaller but the actual size of the desktop stays the same. I will describe it this way - I have a 2.5 inch border on my screen around all sides of my current desktop. If I move my mouse over these borders it disappears. If my desktop was an image, it would be as if thge image was reduced by 25%...thye image would still be the same, but there would be a larger border around it now. That is what has happened to my has been reduced and has a 2.5" border around it now (where the normal sized desktop would be).
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    Check the BIOS. Somtimes there can be some funky res. setting there that might be set incorrectly. What you are describing does sound like a res. problem.
  6. in my laptop i have an option that i have to check so it wont do what u r describing so see if you have one of those..
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    Not sure about compaqs, but the Dells have an Fn key and then by pressing F5 (it's labeled in blue with "Font") you can control this. Look to see if your laptop has a setting like this. Most do, it's just a matter of knowing the hotkeys. Good luck.