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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by bmorrissey51, Apr 12, 2003.

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  1. bmorrissey51

    bmorrissey51 Guest

    Ok, my battery's memory has seemingly gone downhill a lot. I have had my laptop for about 9 months, and when I first got it, the battery would last for 2.5 hours or so, and it is now down to 1 hour 15 minutes, or so it would seem.

    I was letting it die all the way today, and it got down to 0 minutes of power left, and 1% left. It has been like that for about 20 minutes now. It looks to me like the battery still has juice (obviously, because no other power source is being used) but it is SAYING there is no juice. Any way to cure this problem? It is really annoying since I dont know how much time is left, and the battery light is blinking saying its about to die, but its not dying.
  2. Taurus

    Taurus hardware monkey

    Sacramento, CA
    seems like this would be something wrong with the electronics in the battery. and, needless to say, there wouldn't be a way to fix that. you would have to buy a new battery.

    in case it's a problem with the board, you try a bios update by chance?
  3. lmi91

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    Try reconditioning the battery by letting it run down on its own and let the battery completely empty then charge it for 12 hours and again let it go down all the way make sure there is no power managment by windows.

    Also look whats running hte more apps the less battery life, 802.11b is also a battery eater. Were there many changes xp is a lot better wiht batteries then 98, and more ram can help
  4. Perris Calderon

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    there's more to reconditioning modern laptop vbatteries.

    first, it'ws not possible to discharge the battery fully by running your computor, and then, the laptop needs to recalibrate.

    every company has a differant protocol, and you need to contact the support, and have them tell you how to refresh and recalibrated the battery.

    in addition, it's possible for this reconditioning excersize to actually damage a bad battery further.

    lots too think about

    if the box is under warrantee, they'll replace the battery, but only after you go through the recalibration protocol
  5. XP Abuser

    XP Abuser Guest

    general rule to follow (will work on mobiles too)

    first day you get it charge it rite up

    if you need the laptop and not enough power... and not enough time to charge it fully stick it on for however long you see fit.

    ... but at the end of the week.... discharge your battery by either leaving your laptop on or dis charging it another way... then chagre it up fully... repeat it every week... and you should have a longer lasting battery
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