Lapping Your Heatsink guide

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by BonyTony, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. BonyTony

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    Again something you might want to read if its going to be your first time (i remember my first time:blink: ) Guide
  2. Bretenn

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    hmmm.... lapping, i remember now!
    i still remembered when i lapping my cpu cooler... and the result is i end up with some dissapointment (i had buy many different grade)!
    and u know y it end up with dissapoinment? I USE THE WRONG GRADE!!! at first a lower grade then to a higher grade and the last..... i wrongly take the lowest grade!!!!! DAMN!!! :mad:
    but anyhow it still can be use..... :cool:
    and now the cpu running at 40c (remember i'm from stupid hot country)
  3. BonyTony

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    I nearly always lap new coolers as its surprising the lack of quality control some company's have....more to ascertain that the surface is flat than the mirror finish some people go to:confused: .

    A recent example was a Thermaltake copper cooler for my Gf4ti4200 card the finish was acceptable but when i checked for surface flatness i was really disappointed the coolers surface was onto the lapping plates it went and 45mins later the job was done, now i never checked for temps before and after but having a gap between the cooler and GPU cannot be good for heat dissipation.
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    the year 2525
    2 degrees can be the diffrence between the ultimate overclock and a fried/froze CPU ;) ya sound like you would be happy with a pre built dell machine, me i got to do everything myself, strip and rebuild all parts until im 100% happy with the job :):):)
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    Intersting, bookmarked :D